What's the fuzz about this DevGate? What makes it so "special" ?

From time to time, while  being involved in large projects with stressing deadlines and low tolerance for any kind of error, we found ourselves in need of outsourcing some of the most time-consuming tasks.

And here comes trouble! Far-east cheap programmers, while very tempting, financially speaking, often proved to be … well.. not exactly what we needed. We have nothing against freelancing, but there are cases in which it just does not work this way.

For us, a fluent communication with our staff, internal or not, is crucial. Each member or collaborator of our team must have a clear understanding of the project’s requirements and shall be capable of  correctly assessing its own individual capabilities. These are key factors in always delivering what we have promised to the end-customer and building step-by-step our spotless reputation. During the past 14 years we have learned a few lessons, the most important being

"you get what you pay for, never more, sometimes less".

Thus, we started selecting our partners, we have started to know them and evolve together.  We have been building a robust business ecosystem, unconceivable without them.

Why keep our valuable time-proven project management expertise just for ourselves? We dare to say that we have developed  a  reliable „recipe” and we are willing to give you a helping hand and spare you of a certain amount of incertitude when choosing outsourcing partners!

More precisely!

If you read the previous page, things might seem a little vague or indefinite.

So, let’s get things clear:

Our proven PM knowledge

We are not a recrtuitment or headhunting agency! We do project management in IT industry and know our job. 

Our commited partners

The partners we recommend are our very own best partners. If they grow, we grow and you grow  so it’s a triple-win game. 

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B2B - the proper way

You and us are on the same boat. Thus we understand exactly what you need and we might just have a solution!